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Hustler by day, mother all the time. Inspired by normal life occurrences because, in hindsight, everything we do is interesting. Chocolate addict.

And how it’s not to be undervalued despite its worldwide normalcy.

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There is no doubt that at the start of this sodding pandemic, parenting got excruciatingly difficult, especially for mothers. Jessie London put it very aptly in her article, “The Covid-19 Lockdown is Entirely Sexist”. And it’s no surprise that she came to that conclusion, as many other women came out expressing their struggles of keeping up with their day job as well as having to homeschool their kids — not to mention how isolation would have affected their mental health.

I myself have been battling with the assumptions that people have of stay-at-home mothers when people stopped taking an interest…

It’s not even something I’m proud of.

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I write about self-improvement and motherhood. But lately, I have also delved into writing about relationships, and namely, my marriage. Because I love to evaluate it and I have found myself really enjoying the therapeutic journey it has taken me on.

My most viewed article is “I Resent My Husband for Wanting Too Much”.

My second most viewed article is “My Battle With Anger As A Parent”.

My third most viewed article is “I Am Not Your Trophy Wife”.

What They Have in Common

  • All three articles use negative language, some of which is quite emotionally heavy:
    “Resent”, “battle”, “anger”, “not”.
  • They’re all personal and…

Especially when it’s suggested that you should.

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First things first — I 100% agree with divorce.

If the marriage is violent, abusive, toxic, resentful, and outright soul-destroying, please, do what’s right, and get out if you need to. Especially when it involves your and your children’s safety.

Basically, if the boundaries you value are not being respected and your needs are not being met, and your partner refuses to even acknowledge this, then, go for it.


Of course, there’s a but.

My personal opinion is that sometimes we make false assumptions. We think there’s no hope. We lie to ourselves to condone our reluctance for hard…

Going back to normal just seems unrealistic.

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I’m 6 months pregnant.

In the UK, pregnant women have been told that it’s safe to get the vaccine against Covid-19.

I’m also half Spanish, and I get regular updates from my family in Spain about what they’re saying is safe. At the moment, it is not advised for pregnant women to get vaccinated in Spain. In Germany, where one of my best friends lives, they’re not allowing it at all.

Yet, all the governments made their decisions based on the same information released by the WHO organization.

The differences of opinion and vastly opposing rules and guidelines make me…

And we need to stop telling people to settle for less.

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This is my own personal opinion and it should not be taken as concrete advice. Seek advice from a professional if you think you need help.

There have been many instances where I’ve complained to my husband about my shit days, or about how stressful work is, etc. And it’s been even more annoying when my husband hasn’t just accepted what I said and replied with a rub on the shoulders or a tight hug. He refused to listen to me whine. I felt invalidated and like my feelings didn’t matter to him.

But it turns out, I completely misunderstood…

There is no feeling like it

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It’s been almost two years since I first got my own account on here and around 22 months since I published my first story. But I didn’t sign up to earn money for another couple of months after that because I was purely testing the waters.

I wasn’t considering making writing a career but more of a hobby. I had become a mother just a few months prior and I was still deciding whether or not I was going to go back to work.

I needed to write. I not only felt compelled to because I love writing and I…

And why you should carry on listening to the (non)gurus anyway.

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I feel like since I started my journey to self-growth, it’s become a huge aspect of my life. The books and articles just keep coming at me with life-hacks about how to change your mindset to feel happy. The Law of Attraction made its way into my vocabulary. The new habits started to be trialled: mindfulness, gratitude, early-morning routines, positive self-talk. I even turned cleaning into a lifehack and wrote about it.

But admittedly, sometimes, it all feels a little overwhelming. And exhausting. I’ve sometimes become too engrossed in the self-help articles that keep getting posted and pinged straight to…

How to gain credibility when you don’t believe in yourself.

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Just to be clear from the getgo, in order to truly overcome impostor syndrome, you just need to stop feeling like an impostor. Obviously.

Easier said than done, you say? Yup, I know. But here’s what I’m slowly coming to learn.

We actually make a lot of assumptions in this life. One of those assumptions is that those whom we see to be successful have some kind of superpower that we aren’t special enough to have. They have the confidence, the diploma, the energy, the knowledge, the circumstances, the connections, the opportunities, the privileges, the pure luck.

We may have…

And alleviating the pressure to get it right.

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As the stay-at-home parent, every single decision for my son (and the rest of the family and house running) pretty much falls on me. Of course, I talk to my husband about the bigger decisions that might affect our routine or dynamics. But mostly, I do all the research, choose from the large range of options, and then present the shortlist to him.

Car seats, cots, breastfeeding aids, clothes, stair gates, child-proofing, baby and toddler classes, weaning process. Strollers, screen time, potty training, sleep training, age-appropriate toys, stimulating toys. …

And there’s nothing more exciting than that.

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My husband is the most unromantic man I know in the grand scheme of things. He’s awkward about grand gestures because he doesn’t believe in your fairy-tale love, but he still tries because he knows I love romance and I love butterflies and rainbows.

But in the end, it’s the most unromantic moments I find the most memorable.

Like the fact he agreed to help tidy up “down there” when I’m too pregnant to see or reach over the bump. Or when he filmed the entire birth of our son secretly with his Go-Pro and then made an (edited!) movie…

Sylvia Emokpae

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