How my son takes full advantage of it and you should too.

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t like music?

I have never met anyone who was not affected by the sound of a good tune, whether it was in the form of bopping their head along on their way to work, tapping their feet in line at the grocery store, or completely letting themselves go on the dancefloor of a club.

I myself dance anywhere — you’ll see me shamelessly doing a two-step and singing along at a clothes store if the music is good.

But how much do we use it as a mood changer? How much of a difference…

How calling bullsh*t can make things worse.

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There is a perverse pleasure in knowing when someone is trying to have you on and letting them know about it. We feel superior. We think we have outsmarted them. It’s satisfying.

Recently, I wrote about fake friendships because I felt the need to express my pain — without calling anyone out specifically. This is because when you accuse someone of doing something bad, whether it was intentional or not — no one likes to be criticised, and no one reacts well to criticism.

“Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn — and most fools do. But it takes character…

And I think I’ll be OK with that.

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I was trying to calculate the upcoming expenses as I looked at my bank account balance and savings. They just didn’t add up.

I have more coming out than I do actual money, (not counting what’s tied up in ISAs — because you don’t touch what’s in ISAs). Inevitably, I’m going to have to ask my husband for money on top of what he already gives me to help cover them since I am a stay-at-home mother.

I wasn’t expecting the shock to the system it gives me to have to ask for money and then explain why. But then…

3 ingredients that mostly come from within.

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Have you ever felt like you don’t know what you’re doing? Maybe you’ve been working hard on a project and you’ve stopped, paused, and asked yourself, “how the hell am I going to pull this off?”

We’ve all been there. This moment is quite monumental to your future because it symbolises a crossroads. It is the choice that you make here that determines whether you’re going to actually make it, or whether you’re gonna go downhill and prove your self-doubt right, at least temporarily.

You could continue the project but half-heartedly, or you could find a way to pump yourself…

Identifying and dealing with sabotaging traits

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We all know that toxic people are everywhere. Some are more obviously destructive than others. And unfortunately, most are disguised as normal people you see and deal with every day.

Sometimes, it’s you who’s toxic.

I was a self-sabotager for a long time. I blamed the world for being against me and I dwelled on my negative circumstances.

Becoming a parent motivated me to turn that around because I absolutely could not bear the thought that my son might someday adopt my self-destructive attitude. I wanted to radiate happiness and love so that he would too. …

Without making a single sacrifice.

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I’m going to give away the secret to having it all right now, rather than wait till halfway through the article — to save you some time so you can move on if you so wish.

The secret is this:

You already have it.

If you think this is a scammy clickbait article, that’s OK. It’s meant to intrigue you. I bet the statement above actually disappoints, actually. Here’s why:

You aren’t happy with your current circumstances despite being told you can be.

I don’t know you, but I can guess you’re into self-improvement and you’ve heard the theory of…

And how I attempt to tackle them each day.

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As an overthinker, I tend to question every single detail about my life. When I became a mother, this only got worse. And, like every other mother I know, guilt is at the forefront of our emotions, because we never think we have made the absolute right choice without sacrifice.

However, those feelings don’t in any way trump the love we feel for our children, by no means.

I only learned to have vastly conflicting feelings of joy and worry, happiness and sadness, fear and hope, all at once, when my son was born. At first, it was confusing. …

What I do when failure is on my radar.

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When you start something new, it’s exciting. Or nerve-wracking. Either way, change does not go unnoticed. Going out of your comfort zone, especially voluntarily, is daunting but exhilarating at the same time.

You decide you’re going to focus on a particular goal. You wake up the first day pumped, motivated, and eager to get started. You have high hopes and you get to work straight away, and you start off giving 110% of yourself.

But there comes a time when the fire dies out. You might start to doubt yourself. You might not get the results you desire quickly enough…

Despite the constant judgement from society and myself.

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“Day off work today, then?” The lady doing my nails asked me as I sat down for the first time that day.

“No, just an hour for lunch,” I replied. She asked what I did, and I said I was a stay-at-home mother and writer. She appeared to look at me in shock, and I felt I was being judged once more for not having a “proper” job. I felt the need to change the subject and so I asked her if she had kids.

By asking her the question I simply turned the judgement on to her without knowing…

How learning to adapt positively will help you shape your future.

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Change is undeniably unsettling. Sometimes we thrive with change, sometimes we panic. But it doesn’t go unnoticed — because change can potentially threaten our emotional safety.

However, change is ironically the only constant in life.

Down to the cells in our body which are forever growing, multiplying, and dying off. There is change in the weather, change in us as individuals as we grow older, change in our circumstances, change in politics, change in society, change in the law. We change our minds, our priorities, our jobs, our roles, even our habits.

Change is one thing that we all at…

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